7m - 10m Cages

  • Cricket Batting Cages are an essential piece of training ground equipment for many clubs. Each cage can be wheeled onto the main square for practice and stowed away with ease. With different sizes, 7m – 10m Cages, available.
  • The standard cage is 7120mm long x 3100mm high x 3580mm wide with 6 wheels of which 4 swivel for ease of movement.
  • The pro cage is 10660mm long x 3100mm high x 3580mm wide with 8 wheels of which 6 swivel for ease of movement.
7m Cage
10m Cage
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At ACS Cricket Ground Equipment, we are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of heavy-duty cricket equipment. Our family has been successfully in business for the past three decades. Today, we are proud to serve customers as the country’s most dependable 7m – 10m Cages suppliers and manufacturers with unmatched expertise in the field.

In short, ACS is your reliable, quality-conscious, service-oriented partner. We have successfully risen to the expectations and demands of our clients under various situations, across various budgets, and within tight deadlines.

Benefits of Cricket Nets

Cricket nets are enclosures where batsmen and bowlers practice their game before the final match on a field. These cages are enclosed by nets on either side or behind the batsman.

Following are some of the benefits of cricket nets:

  • Nets stop the ball from rolling far as they trap the ball.
  • They save practice hours by reducing ball-chasing time.
  • They eliminate the need for fielders and wicket-keepers.
  • They can have multiple lanes that allow many players to practice together.
  • Cricket nets may be installed both indoors and outdoors.
  • They increase both player and bystander safety levels during practice sessions.


ACS Batting 7m – 10m Cages:

ACS batting cages provide you with a protective barrier for spectators during training sessions and gameplay. We provide bespoke products and installation services for both indoor and outdoor batting cages and static and mobile batting cages for academic, residential, or commercial purposes.

Outdoor batting cages are normally installed with steel pole sections spaced every 12-20 feet. Here are some of their key features:

  • The club and county cages have different dimensions and are manufactured from 40mm*40mm*2.5mm square box sections.
  • They have a hot-dipped galvanised finish.
  • They are secured with triangular bracing plates for stability.
  • Mobile batting cages are attached with puncture-proof swivel wheels, supplied with a front pushing bar that facilitates easy movement.
  • Full and half-length cages with multi-lane sizes, and standard 7m and 10m cricket batting cages are available for all types of practice areas.
  • ACS also provides mobile cage replacement wheels.

ACS firmly believes in building a valuable alliance based on trust, cooperation, and respect with all our clients for a long-standing partnership. We strive to place both the game of cricket and the cricket industry itself on the global platform through reliable and excellent service.

Contact us on 01274 620921 for your requirements for cricket nets, batting cages, or any ground equipment for the sport. We also provide repair, replacement, and installation services.