Mesh Sightscreens

  • 40mm x 40mm box section frame
  • 2 x diagonal bracing bars extend to the top of the frame, providing maximum stability
  • Supplied in component form for easy bolt together for D.I.Y. assembly
  • Can be easily dismantled and stored away out of season
  • 4 x 400mm top quality steel centre wheels with solid rubber tyres for easy movement
  • Galvanised finish frame and base, giving the best possible protection from the elements
  • 3m out riggers
  • Additional white powder coating available on request, for that traditional look
  • Size: 4m x 4m wide
  • Wind up mechanism
  • A Mesh material to allow wind through (Black mesh also available)
Mesh screen 1
Mesh Sightscreen
Mesh Screen 7
Mesh Sightscreen
Mesh Screen 8
Mesh Sightscreen
Mesh Screen
Mesh Sightscreen

ACS Cricket Ground Equipment has been supplying UK clubs, stadiums, and schools with cricket equipment for over 15 years and has made a name for itself as a trusted mesh sightscreen manufacturer in the past several decades. We supply top-quality cricket roller mesh sightscreen at unbelievable prices.


What Is A Mesh Sightscreen?

The cricket roller mesh sightscreen is different from the traditional cricket sightscreen in that it acts as a blind that allows the audience to see through the mesh material, but prevents distraction of the batsman by blocking their view of the spectators sitting behind the screen.

Roller sightscreen is a fully galvanised, 40*40 mm box section with a heavy-duty channel base, available in white or black. Galvanised finishing protects against damage from the elements. Diagonal bracing bars provide stability to the roller sightscreen. ACS provides a gearbox D.I.Y. assembly so that the cricket sightscreen may be taken down when not in use.

A mesh sightscreen is a low-maintenance cricket sightscreen that is supplied with a DIY construction and is perfect for use in windy conditions. ACS provides the best-in-class steel centre wheels with solid rubber tyres that facilitate frisk movement of the roller sightscreen.


Uses and Benefits of Mesh Sightscreen

Some of the key benefits of using a cricket roller mesh sightscreen are:


  • They are robust and lightweight that can resist wind pressure
  • Can be easily moved and deployed around the cricket playing field as they are mounted on wheels
  • Ideal for medium-sized clubs
  • Best fitted for windy weather conditions
  • They come with DIY constructions
  • These are flexible apparatus that can be adjusted or retracted to allow for full or partial screening


Why Choose ACS As Your Mesh Sightscreen Manufacturer?

ACS is more than three decades old in the business of manufacturing and supplying cricket ground equipment. So as one of the UK’s most credible names as mesh sightscreen suppliers. We provide nationwide cricket sightscreen installation services – from roller sightscreen to PVC mobile store, premier PVC cricket sightscreen, folding cricket sightscreen, steel mesh, and more.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for your mesh sightscreen needs. Our team will be delighted to help!