Poly Sightscreens

  • 40mm x 40mm x 2.5mm box section frame
  • 125mm x 65mm x 15mm heavy duty channel steel base, providing more weight and therefore a more stable base
  • 2 x diagonal bracing bars extend to the top of the frame, providing maximum stability
  • Supplied in component form for easy bolt together for D.I.Y. assembly
  • Can be easily dismantled and stored away
    out of season
  • 4 x 400mm top quality steel centre wheels with solid rubber tyres for easy movement
  • 15 x White PVC lattes 300mm x 4.2m (Black lattes are available)
  • Galvanised finished frame and base
  • Lattes are easily removed and stored away
  • Additional white powder coating available on request, for that traditional look
  • Size: 4.5m High x 4m Wide – 4.5m high x 5m wide
4m Poly Screen
4m Poly Sightscreens
5m Poly Sightscreens
5m Poly Sightscreens
Sightscreens Wheel
4m Poly Sightscreens
Delivery & FItting Available

At ACS, we have been proudly serving UK schools, universities, clubs, and stadiums for more than three decades by designing and supplying cricket equipment such as a wide range of sightscreens, including poly sightscreen. Today, we are a leading poly sightscreen manufacturer in the country.


What Is Poly Sightscreen?

A cricket ground can never be rendered safe without the installation of a sightscreen that provides clear sight to both the batsman and the bowler during their respective deliveries on the pitch. The apparatus also blocks any distractions caused by the spectators.

ACS is a manufacturer and supplier of different types of sightscreens, including poly sightscreens like the PVC sightscreen or the plastic sightscreen.

A plastic sightscreen uses flexible PVC boards that are carefully placed through galvanised steel battens. So, a PVC or a plastic sightscreen has a strong steel frame with axles, wheels, and braces.  


How are Plastic Sightscreens Different from the Rest?


Plastic sightscreens offer the following unique benefits:


  • Provide a sturdy base with superior strength
  • Have a compact design
  • Made with extremely durable, high-density polyethylene
  • Provide maximum stability
  • Have wind-proofing PVC laths with extra-long bracing bars
  • Can be moved by one person
  • Come with the provision for D.I.Y. assembly
  • Can be retracted/dismantled easily when not in use
  • Strong and resilient wheels allow for easy movement across the playing field
  • Are low-maintenance

Why Should ACS Be Your Choice As Poly Sightscreen Suppliers?


In short, we are one of England’s major manufacturers of polypropylene cricket sight screens. So we design cricket poly cricket sightscreens for modern-day needs. We design 4m poly sightscreens and 5m poly sightscreens with all the best features that make for the poly sightscreen’s stability, durability, and easy manoeuvrability.

Are you looking for a reliable poly sightscreen manufacturer and poly sightscreen supplier in the UK? Call us at 01274 620921 or simply fill out our online contact form and one of our friendly staff will get in touch with you.