Cricket Sightscreens are an essential piece of cricket ground equipment. Polypropylene and mesh screens are a perfect solution to aid the players. With the removeable boards or wind up mesh system each screen can easily be changed in minutes.  This is to thus combat the effects of the weather to prevent the sightscreens blowing over.

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Mesh Sightscreens
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4m Poly Sightscreens
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5m Poly Sightscreens

ACS Cricket Ground Equipment is a reputed family-run business in the UK with 30+ experience in constructing and creating cricket gears and related equipment that are used for the sport on the action field. This also includes sightscreens or cricket screens.

What Is A Sightscreen?

Cricket screens or cricket sightscreens are not usually something that one would notice while you are watching an engaging game of cricket. But they are an important part of cricket equipment.

Sightscreens are giant screens made of wood, cloth sheeting, or LED lights. So these are strategically positioned directly behind both the wickets on a cricket field, usually beyond the boundary line. Cricket sight screens minimise distraction as they help the batsman to spot, and concentrate fully on the ball that comes hurling at them.

As the UK’s leading cricket sight screens manufacturer, and cricket sight screens supplier, we offer superior quality cricket sight screens installation service.

What Is The Purpose Of A Sightscreen?

  • The purpose of sightscreens is to create a clear contrast between the red ball and a white cricket screen for test matches. And a white ball and black sightscreen in T20 games. The contrast in colours facilitates the batsman to identify the ball from the moment it is released and delivered by the bowler till the moment the batsman selects the correct shot to hit it.
  • The primary objective of cricket sightscreens is to prevent any movement that could distract the batsman while they focus to hit the ball.
  • The absence of cricket sight screens could result in ball injuries on the pitch.

Why Buy Your Sightscreen From ACS?

ACS products are used not only on school and university playgrounds. But also at homes, cricket clubs, and stadiums. We effectively deliver across several demands, suiting different needs from start to finish. We manufacture and deal in all types of sightscreens.

ACS has expertise in installing even wide folding cricket sight screens. In addition to polyscreens with removable boards that resist high winds.

Additionally, we deliver top-quality sports products in the shortest time. And our customer service is second to none in the country.

So all us at 01274 620921 for your sightscreens requirement or to know more about our services as UK’S top cricket sight screens manufacturer and suppliers.